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Kaif Burger in Moscow by ARCHPOINT Bureau

Kaif Burger is the Morgenstern’s first flagship site of the new burger joint chain and the next step in the building of the rapper's gastronomic empire: in 2020 he opened the Kaif Provenance restaurant on Bolshaya Dmitrovka, which made some noise back then.

Designed by ARCHPOINT Bureau

Photographed by Sergey Morgunov

The interior was designed by architects from the Archpoint bureau, renowned for their love for detail. Their creative genius teamed up with rap artist's provocative behaviour to create a daring combination of luxury, contemporary art and quality fast food. The architects managed to decompose the rapper's image into atoms and assemble from them a dynamic and fashionable design, aimed not only at the artist's fans.

The space of the burger joint on Nikolskaya street is small, ​​only a few square meters in area, so architects used almost every centimeter of interior. When entering the restaurant the gaze involuntarily turns to the details and does not calm down until it has studied all of them.

The floor is paved with gray and white terrazzo tiles. It is reminiscent of the marble-mosaic floors of luxurious Venetian rooms, but instead of the classic patterns the rapper's logo and the inscription One Million Burgers are depicted on the floor. On the minimalistic concrete walls there are installations and paintings of contemporary artists, above the counter there are media screens with clips and advertisements. Custom-made unique pieces of furniture act as art objects.

The main piece of art here made by the architects, which occupies the central position, is a deformed metal counter strapped with sling belts, looking like it’s going to come apart under an invisible weight. On the counter there are cash desks, taps for drinks and one cash desk for VIP clients – the members of the privileged private club who can order unique burgers from desired ingredients without waiting.

The art theme is supported by a large stainless steel bubble gum installation, created by the architects, and a large one million dollar banknote, from which instead of the faces of the American presidents the face of the rapper looks at the guests. The image of the artist is also located above the entrance next to the restaurant’s name, as well as on cardboard boxes for food and paper cups.

All pieces of furniture here are made-to-order including the concrete sink, looking like an extension of the concrete walls, not disguising themselves under a layer of paint. Above the sink there is a loft-style iron faucet, a designer mirror and care products: soap, lotion and antiseptic from the famous Israeli company Zielinski & Rozen.

The seating area is designed in an unusual way: tables resembling a bar counter on two legs – a thick metal one and a thinner black one in the form of a large foot – are surrounded by black minimalistic leather benches. The lighting in the restaurant is made in the form of spot lamps on the dark ceiling.

The gastronomic component of Kaif Burger is also sophisticated – burgers here are made in a square shape, and their names refer to the rapper's songs. Visitors who do not want to believe public figures on bare word can check the rap artist's promise to make only high-quality products – an open kitchen allows the guests to watch the cooking process.

The interior of the burger joint turned out to be a bit zoomer, but at the same time it will not alienate millennials either. The architects, known for the exquisite designs of restaurants and clinics in Moscow and other cities, created a new center of attraction for rapper fans and connoisseurs of good fast food, and also showed their ability to create interiors in completely different styles.


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