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JUMGO Creative | LITEX SURFACE Headquarter

In today's consumption upgrade, traditional retail has ushered in newer market challenges. For LITEX SURFACE, the key to the brand flagship store lies in: heavy characterization of the field spirit, seeking breakthroughs in tradition, and forming symbiosis with the brand. For JUMGO, it is more about finding an appropriate expression in the sequence. Under the premise of conforming to business logic, re-analyzing the brand and tailoring it may be more in line with the current needs of LITEX SURFACE. This is a fresh start for both parties.



Designer: JUMGO Creative

Photographer: Chuan He


Is beautiful

It's a momentary bloom beyond the ordinary

It is the profound heart under the brilliance

--- Super symbol

From the communication of demand to the completion of the flagship store. We want to achieve an "unconventional" effect.A breakthrough in technique is not enough to become a classic. To seek "uniqueness" from the brand itself can be a more appropriate means for long-term commercial communication. The symbol installation independently customized for LITEX SURFACE is also applied, extracting the appropriate extended graphics from the brand visual symbols and combining light and shadow remodeling with three-dimensional expression, displayed in the first perspective of consumers. We named it: LITEX SHADOW


Is appropriate

It's a tribute to naturalism balancing life

It's a timeless classic

---Learn about the path

As the flagship store of the headquarters, different from the traditional exhibition hall, we do not want to directly display the product business in front of the audience. More from the perspective of the brand's living room, sit and talk. Therefore, in the way of entering, we comprehend the integration of nature from the oriental artistic conception, and lead to the secluded through winding paths. When you enter, you will see wild interest, and you will see flowers blooming along the way. 


Also establish

Is unbreakable courage

Say goodbye to mediocrity

Change scene

In the retail format, the color-changing system is boldly used to express the visual core and form a completely independent brand temperament. The purpose is to create an "immersive space" between the public and private areas, so that consumers have a certain sense of ritual in the transition between the two different fields. This is undoubtedly a bold attempt for a traditional store, and I hope this design can leave a deep enough impression on the guests.


Also the market

Judging the future based on the present

Integrate with the market

--- Living in the light

After entering the space, we also return to the product itself, which is different from the common dark field space. According to the regional weather, a large number of natural light sources are introduced, so that the talks in the entire central area and the product display in the back field are full of a more life-like atmosphere. , but also more in line with the product characteristics of LITEX SURFACE. In such a situation, the exhibition hall is more like a "reception area". Whether it is business talks or product sales, it is more comfortable and natural here. Whether it is day or night, it is possible to "stay". In terms of product display, JUMGO also creates a display structure that is more suitable for the characteristics of the product. Under the different lighting modes of artificial and natural, the product can be displayed to customers in an all-round way as much as possible.


Even more sharp

Thinking outside the industry

With sharp brand power

Open up new horizons

--- User stickiness

Whether it is spatial scale or brand expression, JUMGO wants to achieve a certain "de-commercialization" effect in terms of experience in this design. Product and space are inseparable. From the spatial structure to the consideration of details, it is to let consumers have a different and traditional feeling, immerse in it, sit down and feel it slowly. This may be one of the ways in which business can become more sticky with consumers in the future.


More trend

With rebelliousness in the bones

Move forward with courage

Leave behind works designed and manufactured in China for the world

Neither product nor space should be reduced to a derivative under a certain "style".

We all try our best to return to our inner creation and breakthrough in our creations again and again.

What you see and do brings more independent thinking, which both LITEX SURFACE and JUMGO have reached an agreement.


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