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Designed for a couple of clients from Rio de Janeiro, the apartment was thought to be their new address in São Paulo, at Itaim Bibi. With 180 m², the interior design from DIRANI E MARCHIÓ office, by the architects Camila Dirani and Maira Marchió, had as a starting point to bring to the project the couple's land style, more tropical than São Paulo, with lighter and cleaner furniture and finishes, besides an atmosphere of total coziness.

Photographed by Mariana Orsi

The main highlight of the apartment were the wooden panels and doors, specially designed to integrate and give privacy to social environments. Panel doors were designed to separate and integrate the office with the living room and guest bedroom / TV room, depending on the use and need at the time. Circulation doors were also camouflaged in the wood panels.

The big challenge, according to the architects, was to make the environments brighter and lighter. This happened, in practice, with the adoption of light porcelain on the floor of the entire social and service area, and the walls were all painted white to enhance clarity and the feeling of spaciousness (since the building's ceiling height was lower). In the intimate area, the existing wooden floor was reused and restored, making the bedroom area cozier.

With poor natural lighting in the kitchen, the use of lighted crown moldings was prioritized to improve illumination and the feeling of amplitude in the spaces.

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