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Human beings are in essence animals. Mankind is a creature with interests, emotions and desires, while sharing all features that animals have. Human beings have highly developed brains that enable complicated abstract thinking, language capability, self will, and the ability of solving problems. Through communication, collaboration and dedication, human beings together are able to generate strong productivity and creativity.


Designer: JG PHOENIX

Photographer: Ouyang Yun

This project is the new office of design practice JG PHOENIX in Shenzhen. By bringing in artworks, the designers hoped to convey the team spirit of communication and cooperation. JG Phoenix believes that design is essentially an aesthetic activity that tries to achieve expected goals through continuous communication and optimization, and a process that seeks ideal solutions for meeting people's certain demands, with discovering and solving problems as its core.

Based on previous design experience, JG PHOENIX intended to convey the design concepts they advocate in this space, and meanwhile to bring in materials carrying Oriental charm, so as to create a dialogue and fusion between the past and the present. Endowed with spirituality, the space is intended to influence users' thoughts and life.