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Imprint by Hu Quanchun

Inserted on a fashionable and prosperous commercial street, "Imprint" reproduces a section of "rural muddy road" cast by molten Corten steel. The design intention is to create "a sense of wonder" through the striking contrast between the work itself and its surroundings, to inspire visitors' thoughts and associations with the former rural landscape on the land under their feet. The work was created for the first OCT Fab Public Art Festival held at Fab Town, Xiangyang.


Designer: Field Conforming Studio / Hu Quanchun

Photographer: Jin Weiqi

When invited to create a work for the Public Art Festival, the chief designer Hu Quanchun imagined a lot about Fab Town, as its name seemed to indicate that it was a place with abundant wondrous things. When he arrived at the site, however, he realized that Fab Town was just a real estate concept proposed under the commercial planning of this area. The site where the Town locates was originally a vast piece of farmland, which was being replaced by a new modern built landscape. The so-called "Fab" is just a longing for the future development and wonderful lifestyle of this urbanized area.

The design task was to create a public art work for the commercial center of Fab Town, to echo the Town's theme. During the design phase, the site was under construction, and the new spatial context and environment had not completely taken shape. From the perspective of public art design, it was hard to create a work on such an empty site. The reason was that public art creation needed to be rooted in the historical memory of the site, coordinate with its surroundings, or interact with the public. But the site's conditions were not enough to build these connections, which became a major obstacle to the design.

A few days later, Hu Quanchun broke th