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São Paulo, 2022 – The ice cream parlor Mooi Mooi, in the district of Itaim Bibi, São Paulo, was opened in early February this year and has an architectural project developed by the brazilian office Coletivo de Arquitetos. The product is the result of the partnership between the office and the Catalan chef Oscar Bosch, which started with the award-winning restaurants Tanit and Nit Bar de Tapas.


Designer: Coletivo de Arquitetos

Photographer: Coletivo de Arquitetos

Located in a district of São Paulo consolidated as a new gastronomic pole of the city, the ice cream parlor presents a ludic and interactive way of offering ice cream to its public. This proposal originated some decisions for the project, which occupies a space of little more than 80m².

The distinctive circular movement made to remove the ice cream from the machine after a process of mixing and crushing ingredients inspired the circular design for the edge of the service counter. The sides of the elongated mirror installed on one of the walls of the hall, as well as the lamps and niches where some products that carry the ice cream store label are displayed, also refer to these circular movements.

The part of the counter is covered with half sections of plastic tubes painted in white, a color that predominates and brings a "icier" tone to the internal environment. This effect was reinforced by the facade that, through the milky structural polycarbonate, redesigns the geometry of the reformed building.

The mix between some crushed ingredients that the client can introduce to the ice cream mass led to the choice of granilite for the flooring and the half walls of the interiors. Granilite is characterized by being a mixture made from concrete and small aggregates of marble and granite, which is aesthetically similar to the ice cream offered by Mooi Mooi.

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