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House from the early 20th century signed by the Meridional Arquitetura office

Located in a residential village preserved among the many vertical buildings that make up the Higienópolis neighborhood, the house with the same name, possibly built in the early 20th century, was renovated with a project signed by the Meridional Arquitetura, an architecture office based in São Paulo - Brazil, led by architect Luiz Gustavo Sobral Fernandes.


Photographer: Guilherme Pucci

The typical building of central neighborhoods in the city of São Paulo - with raised floors, windows to the street and side entrance - had gone through an internal reformulation in the 1980s that eliminated its original compartmentalization and internal distribution.

The architect drew up a renovation project to rescue the spatial qualities of the original residence, in addition to other good repairs carried out over the years. All this to ensure that the house was preserved with as few interventions as possible, establishing a simple but still cozy and ideal space for living and receiving.

The interior design, also signed by the office, has universal pieces that value Brazilian design and bring comfort to the space, such as the Mole armchair by Sérgio Rodrigues. Some items of the owner of the property were reused and others, panned.

The house was worn out by time and underwent inadequate interventions that took away its historical value. During the new renovation, both natural and artificial lighting were valued, as well as all the existing routes of the residence.

The planned cabinets were eliminated and replaced by new lighter shelves that interfere less with the spatial quality of the property. All the joinery was reformulated introducing for the internal and external area more colors and new finishes. The original floors and coverings, still preserved and of good quality, were maintained.

In the garden, the elements and species were reconfigured, allowing a new utility for the space, which can now be used as a place of leisure and socializing by residents and visitors.


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