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HDC Design|CHUAN HSI PA TZU·Teahouse

The rich and fertile land of west Sichuan has given birth to countless special flavours that dominate people’s food throughout the year.CHUAN HSI PA TZU·Teahouse has decided to rekindle the ties of friendship and pass on the heritage of hotpot in the unique building that sits on Jiaozi Avenue.


Designer: HDC Design

Photographer: Chuan He

The fluid slanted roof from the original structure is kept and gave rise to the design idea of an idyllic life.The bamboo-woven tools for manual labour were the best assistants of the people in west Sichuan. We have reinterpreted them and created many related interior components, including awnings and screens, which became an extension of the spatial impression.

While maximally bringing in the exterior features inside, the enclosed yet free layout satisfies the strict demands of business standards.The relationship between the entrance and outdoor area, the focus of the design, and the structure emphasises easiness, transition and integration.

The bustling and hustling CHUAN HSI PA TZU stands out amid the dazzling lights.


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