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Gold Coast Villa, Shantou by AD ARCHITECTURE



The project is a villa located in the coastal city of Shantou. The local fruit and vegetable market is always bustling from 1 am to 5 am. While most people are sleeping soundly, the villa's owners are busy in the market, living a life upside down day and night. For this project, AD ARCHITECTURE intended to create a healing "harbor", a cozy home full of love. The home is expected to slow down the fast-paced life of the family, and to be a container of cheers and laughter. At the moment when the owners open the door, their tiredness will be suddenly relived.



Photographer: Ouyang Yun


Restrained "Mediocrity"

The villa's original facades were formed by sandstone masonry and lacked maintenance for a long time, causing great difficulties in later upkeep. Considering various limitations, the design team transformed the decorative lines and colors of the architectural facad