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GH Tai Po Cinema by Artta Concept Studio

Golden Harvest Tai Po Cinema is known to be the long-awaited first cinema in 20 years for the Tai Po Community, locating in the heart of the area at Tai Po Mega Mall. The fascinated façade of the cinema is designed to arouse the attentions of the neighborhood, with an enlarged black & white boho pattern and colorful lighting signage that echo to the interior design concept. Another striking feature of the façade is the big LED digital screen at the street corner, presenting the latest movie trailers and marketing promotions with ‘3D-effect’ media contents.

Designed by Artta Concept Studio

Photographed by Artta Concept Studio

To celebrate the beautiful nature and many of the famous outdoor family activities at the nearby Tai Po area, Golden Harvest Tai Po Cinema is offering a whole new GLAMPING experience for the customers not only to enjoy good movies, but also get to spend quality time with their families for better bonding. While to create the ambience and excitement of a fun & extraordinary adventure, the cinema has brought different outdoor nature fantasies into the space as part of the cinematic experience.