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Generación Dental Clinic by Paco Lago Interioriza

Inspired by more than two hundred years of family history, but with the sight on the future. The interior design of this dental clinic breaks with that ‘cold and impersonal’ image of most of this type of spaces, to approach to the user experience. Such a simple idea: to give comfort and warmth to the customer journey through the elements, without forgetting the common thread of generational contrast and the legacy of the Fernández-Baca family, whose third generation heads this new business model proposal, from our point of view as designers. The global concept is thus closer to a space where experience, peace and

harmony prevail, than a clinical space to use, a fact that will play a fundamental role in its communication as a benchmark for the dental sector in Malaga.

The main room, a nod to the original style of the 19th century, (the date on which the building was built and the activity began),

maintains the sources of a classic building, with furniture and dentistry elements that preserve the original essence, transferred

to the present day. Noble materials, such as wood, combined with Altro technical floors, designed for the most purely clinical use.

Infinite spaces. In addition to being an unusually large place for a clinic, through mirrors, reflections and diagonal vision, visual

limits have been eliminated in all rooms. Thus, the optical illusion of being in an open space, where there are always meters to go, plays in favor of a feeling of calm and serenity between the client and the environment.

Connection element. Between rooms, between concepts and between centuries, the corridor represents the technological

evolution of the 20th century. It is also the axis of the distribution of the space, in which a visual input

for the client is sought, through exhibition elements out of context.

The communication of space is always a fundamental attribute in our design. In this way, we have developed photographic and

broadcast-likely spaces outside the clinical context, such as the bathroom, located behind hidden doors, and with nods to the original design of the building’s time.

The storyline of the proposal comes to an end in the cabinets. With adjustable lighting in its temperature and tonality, and a distribution of instruments out of the customer’s sight, chill-inspired spaces have been developed, where visual and auditory tranquility is sought.

Once in the clinical, lab and office areas, now out of the client’s traffic, the style is much more similar to a clinical design, although work has been done to turn the clinical elements into patient-friendly ornaments. Through it, functionality, ergonomics and comfort are pursued for the center’s own staff.

The photocall picks the cherry. Based on the anamorphic technique, the perception of it is different, depending on whether you enter or leave the clinic, parallel to the experience of the client in his journey through it.

Invisible interior design

Light, both in the waiting room and in the rest of the rooms, plays a fundamental role in the project not only because of its light

contribution, but in a decorative, functional way and also guiding the client’s journey throughout the clinic.

The acoustic treatment, -key elementis treated in all the rooms of the project. Background music emitted from hi-fi equipment, and a reverb control by means of mesh panels inside the panels and separators.

The brand and its concept, to which we have given a leading role in the tour, are integrated in a minimally invasive way through

light projections on the pavement, reliefs, and a painting in the main room that explains the generational concept of it.

The color palette completes a circle of elements that, without saying so, reveal the real identity of the space. Through shades that encompass the instruments of a dental clinic, as well as a chromatic range of dental whites, from white to beige, as given in the VITA guides that they use on a daily basis.


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