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Gemdale Upview Sales Center, Shenzhen by TOMO DESIGN

Encounter nature in a "garden tour" at a transit-oriented development

Life needs a little sunshine, freedom and leisure.

Immerse in a garden tour, to meet with friends and capture leisurely moments.


Client: Gemdale Corporation (South China Region)


Photographer: Benmo Studio

The project portrays life scenes in a commercial space to activate life in the city. The activated worldly urban atmosphere carries the yearning for a pleasant home. The space unfolds the vision of a new lifestyle, and establishes resonance in values and emotions with customers.

Through incorporating relaxing, natural scenes into the commercial project, TOMO DESIGN creates a novel, fun "garden tour" at a transit-oriented development, which evokes interaction and resonance in values and emotions between the developer and customers. "Garden tour" is the design thread that runs through the project, conveying the life philosophy of freedom, youthfulness and fun.

The design activates a worldly atmosphere of the city, which represents the longing for home. Based on the theme of "garden tour", five major scenes are created to present the real estate sales center and the show flat.


Strolling in the inspiration garden,

where gentle sunshine and breeze relieve the tiredness,

people can enjoy a leisurely moment here away from the outside hustle and bustle.

Stepping into this urban "garden",

one will regain the inspiration of vacation.

Living in the urban concrete jungle breeds the dream of having a garden. How wonderful it would be to have a garden in the city? Mottled sunlight falls down, creating a free, cozy ambience in the afternoon. People sit under tree shade, looking up to the clear sky and moving clouds. All the leisurely scenes in the garden open up a journey of inspiration.


Here, people are brought to re-encounter nature, isolated from busy urban life.

It unveils a garden tour, introducing a fun, pleasing journey.

The interior is interpreted through landscaping thinking, fully releasing imagination and creativity.

The "garden" foyer is a subtle integration of simple textures and natural ambience. Transparent glass along with rhythmic light and shadows produce an atmosphere that blurs spatial boundaries. Earth-texture finishes, mottled handmade terra-cotta bricks, property models area presented in the form of landscape adornments, and the carpet that simulates a grassland, create an immersive garden touring experience.

Strolling along the twisting path and walking up the steps, one can feel the cozy, interactive vibe in the air. The folding glass windows in the conversation area bring in sunshine, and create grille-like light and shadow effects. Tasting a cup of fragrant coffee and sitting on the soft sofa, people would enjoy a pleasant afternoon here. The retro-style KARE bar stools and the dynamic ripples-like lighting above inject energy into the space.


The "train" leading to a desired home passes through the "dream station",

where surprises are waiting to be discovered.

The perception of variations, and the happiness of making handicrafts,

allow people to enjoy leisure and happiness here.

If possible, take the "train" to a trip at the "dream station", where station sign and light box recall the memories about past days. The architectural space echoes the attribute of the transit-oriented development, while also showing quality life scenes in a concrete way. There seems to be infinite experiences, with flower arrangement and handicraft making activities creating fun and interaction during the journey.


Stroll in the central green field awash with vitality,

and release personality in the free, happy paradise.

It portrays a desired boundless world,

guides the path back to life,

and stimulates diverse interactions.

Wandering in the free, interactive central plaza, and passing through the unrestrained space, one will encounter children's paradise, which records the happy, innocent smiling faces of kids playing here. Visitors are invited to sit on the stepped seats leisurely, to watch the subtle interaction between people and space. TOMO DESIGN tries to approach the space through visual imagery, to create resonance with the spiritual world.


A warm home is conceived,

which provides an unexpected leisure space for relieving tiredness.

This favored leisure corner is a retreat from the outside hustle and bustle,

inviting people to slow down in the fast-paced city to enjoy life.

This home is a combination of passion, practicality and intimacy, bringing a sense of belonging. The spatial layout for shared activities and the interactive bar counter-featured dining room add more fun to life. The boundary between balcony and living room is blurry yet continuous, facilitating the creation of fun life scenes. As night falls, playing gentle rhythms on the piano create warm, leisurely moments. Isolated from the outside world, the home offers truly pleasant multi-sensory experiences.

The design incorporates the city's worldly atmosphere into the "garden tour" connecting with nature, to fully relax the mind with cozy, pleasing experiences, to portray a happy life within reach, and to bring the desired freedom, fun and leisure to people.

Breeze, leisure, and garden tour.

The best moments are on the way.

Encountering beautiful scenery and good things happening, and enjoying leisurely time,

perhaps these are the true meaning of "garden tour".

Let's Go Go park!

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