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Gallery Crossroad from RIS Interior Design

Gallery Crossroad is a culture hub for photography lovers. The ‘crossroad’ came up from the occasion where every ordinary man made decisions on a daily basis, implying photographer’s gazes and decision of pressing the shutter. Image is composed of photographer’s framing on viewfinders every moment; however, how it will be interpreted with extended comments based on the observer's perspective and self-experience.


Designed by RIS Interior Design

Photographed by YHLAA Photography

The site was a dilapidated Taiwanese residential abode built 40 years ago. The exterior grafted textured checkerboard to renew the building’s dotage with modern touches. In order not to interfere with the observer’s independent thinking, the cyclorama wall, which can be seen both at the façade and inner gallery space, diminishes accessibility and allows people to view the full frame.

Photography involves light and framing; thus, the interior gallery space avoids daylighting interruption by blocking all windows at the front, creating an impactful perception to viewers.

Steel wireframe structure, alongside from columns to ceilings, is functional for hanging pieces, and its arch form visually extends the building depth, suffusing with unreal impressions. A semi-clear screen made by hollow boards, separating the information /reception desk from the gallery area.

The translucent properties suffuse an indistinct glow resonant with surrealist ambiances; whereas, the old, existing, red door and grid tiles on wall are intentionally kept intact, creating a perceptual contrast and recalling the vicissitudes of times

To cater for unknown images and art pieces in the future, the gallery area is filled with voids and set in achromatic color schemes. The minimalism form of contour is delineated only by light. Through different angles of framing, the shadow itself comes along with dark tonal effects, sustaining dynamic movement, building up layers of geometric arrays, and increasing the illusion of volume.


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