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Gabo Guzzo’s One-of-A-Kind Handbags The Ultimate Luxurious Art-Infused Fashion Pieces

Gabo Guzzo is an Italian interdisciplinary artist and designer of high luxury and bespoke accessories merging art and fashion with Italian artisanship.

Designed by Gabo Guzzo

Combining concepts derived from anthropology, science, philosophy and art, the artist’s practice interrogates how humans have impacted and reshaped the planet on a geological scale, their relationship with the social environment and the implications of human intervention on a cultural and natural level.

Gabo believes fashion is a good medium to bring art closer to people and their lives.

More art. Less Production.

Gabo Guzzo believes art should permeate all aspects of our lives, making our daily experience always meaningful.

Gabo Guzzo’s one-of-a-kind creations talk to customers who genuinely value what they buy and have opted for wiser shopping, also as a way to protect our planet’s natural resources.

Gabo’s work draws on the freshness of art, the freedom of artists and centuries of artisan ingenuity to create leather goods that are praise for human dignity and value.

The Ultimate Luxurious Art-Infused Fashion Pieces

Gabo Guzzo works with an interdisciplinary approach with other artists, jewellery and fashion designers. Even botanists, biologists or architects, depending on the specific design project.

Every piece is one-of-a-kind, entirely handcrafted by master leather-good artisans and goldsmiths in Florence, Italy and available in very limited quantities. Inside the handbags there is a plate with a unique number and the handwritten signatures of Gabo Guzzo and the artisan who made the handbags.


The House offers handbags made with a variety of materials: calfskin, lambskin, sustainable exotic skins, precious metals and other more experimental materials. The handbags are embellished with precious and semi-precious stones.

Handbags made of calfskin are made of premium leather that has a natural texture and a soft touch. All colours are custom made.


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