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FUNK & KALE (The MixC, Nanshan) by DAS Lab: Sensory Experience Brought by Installations

In today's prevailing catering trends, healthy meals are gaining popularity among the urban population. In spatial design, all aspects from concept to details need to be carefully considered. As approaching this project, while meeting the daily needs of customers, DAS Lab also thought about how to let the design reconcile healthy and innovative lifestyles to some extent.


Designer: DAS Lab

Photographer: YUAN STUDIO / Wang Minjie / Benate

As a new brand of Wagas, FUNK & KALE mainly provides exquisite Western-style healthy meals. It opened a new premise in The MixC Shopping Mall in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Based on the brand's concept, the new restaurant is expected to break the generally "harmonious" dining environment through functional installations. The designers organized the spatial structures in a way of curating an exhibition-like experience, and worked to create an "emotional" space with rigorous geometric order.