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FUNFUN GALLERY by lialawlab

Nowadays, many small-scale commercial premises have been transforming into interactive composite spaces. People pursue a slow-paced reality life, while yearning for quick response on the Internet. In order to balance the different physical and spiritual demands, the design team inserted a long turned ramp, to slow down the pace and prolong the process of emotional experience.


Designer: lialawlab

Photographer: SFAP

The project FUNFUN Gallery is situated in Silian 166 Creative Park, which is repurposed from the former Hangzhou Silk Printing and Dyeing Factory launched in 1956. As one of the first cultural & creative parks in Hangzhou, Silian 166 retains strong characteristics of industrial heritages in the 1950s, featuring a single-pitched roof, cement trusses and high daylighting windows.

The project's site is a former industrial building, which is 16.5 meters in length and 11 meters in width, with a concave on the exterior. The existing pitched roof creates the highest point of the interior, which is 8.65 me