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Since we started our studio Masquespacio in 2010 we have been working on a wide range of interior & product design projects. Many times, during this process we have been questioning what are the boundaries between Art & Design. Is our work to be considered a 100% design work or could it be pronounced as a mix between both, due to its amount of details, emotions and profound sense, questioning the regular and searching for a specific sense behind each concept?


Are the functional details we need to integrate in our designs for restaurants, making our artistic features in the same interiors being defined as a design element although it is purely an artistic feature?

What if our furniture designs like the Alex & Andrea collection are not created with the purpose of being purely a functional pair of seats, but as an artistic element that wants you to make reflect about what is to be considered a masculine and feminine material in our gender-friendly world?

With the “Forms & Textures” exhibition we want to start the discussion about the boundaries between Art & Design. Who is responsible to define if an object is considered an artwork or just a design? Is functionality the only reason to justify an object as a design element instead as an artwork? Or is it the reflection behind the object that makes it an artistic interpretation?

The "Forms & Textures" collection in this sense is presented as a serie of individual objects that could be interpreted at first sight as a chair, a lamp or a room divider, although its unusual and at first sight uncomfortable forms are making clear that we are not speaking about a functional design object.

The collection created from a line drawn on paper to a 3D printed object thus recreates a serie of different forms that could represent a furniture and lighting collection, but although its unusual and unusable forms convert them in an artwork challenging the viewer to reflect about the boundaries between Art & Design.

Next to the exhibition we will also be involved in a talk about our studio and a meet & greet on Wednesday at 10:00 am at Bun Burgers Dell’ Orso (Brera district), one of the last interiors we developed in Milan.


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