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First Release | Wei Wu: Wan Wea Restaurant in Chengdu | Strategic Catering Series

Chengdu, a large city shrouded in smoky mist, is well known for the bustling restaurants by the People's Lake, the verdant trees in the past literature, and the 339 TV tower, where people enjoy melon seeds together with tea, leisurely ear clearing service, and nightlife in Taikoo Li. Chengdu is always leading the trend in countless types of urban life, featuring modern mixed with the rich local lifestyle. The culinary skill of "Integrated Tastes" fits the city the best.

Designed by IN.X, Wan Wea Restaurant in Shimao Plaza Chengdu is showcasing its exquisite taste through space in this large-open city.

Designed by IN.X Design

Photographed by Yan Zheng


City image·Modern and local life

As the actress performs Peking opera on the stage, the diners enjoy the roast duck along with a long and tactful vocal music. When the roast duck and Peking opera enter Chengdu, they follow the local customs. The imperial and noble characteristics are reduced, half of which is given way to young and modern sense, and half is given way to the local lifestyle. This is the space power.

A large area of plain gray makes Wan Wea Restaurant massive and textured in the shopping center. When the light is floating among the ceiling and facade, the entire space layout is outlined clearly and smartly.

Gray is the pristine street color in the urban fabric. The bare ceiling together with the rough black stone strips stabilizes the entire space, just like the old city with limited vicissitudes and endless aura.

On the deep palette, the flow lines and curved surfaces of the ceiling are the low-key beginnings that will stir the vitality of space, where the flowing sense of space counteracts the cool emotions that may have appeared. The dark mirrored stainless steel plate on the top of the bar reflects the weird and modern area, and the slender metal tube downlights are lined up and hung vertically. The exquisite industrial sense comes into being, just like the announcement of a young man.


Focus·Space heart

In the center of the dining area, the wine cellar sculpture inserted from the ceiling down to the ground is the visual center of the entire space. In the calm tone, the round translucent acrylic wine rack matches with the square red wall, lit up by the stacked array of light pipes, which also lightens the entire restaurant.

Clearly visible from anywhere in space, the wine cellar in the center is like a large energetic heart, transporting blood and nutrients to every corner.

The visual presence of the wine cellar has another significance. In Wan Wea Restaurant, in addition to the authentic cuisine that integrate roast duck and Sichuan flavor, the young people’s interest in drinking is more valued. Therefore, the wine cellar combines with the bar to dominate the trendy sense of space, where the industrial, illusive, electronic, and fashionable elements are injected into the rough and simple structural shell, which resembles the city of Chengdu.


Strategy First, Design Follows

In the space strategy of Wan Wea, how to attract leisurely and curious diners into the restaurant is the designer's first concern. Designer Wei Wu made the dining area and the central wine cellar open to the public space of the shopping mall. The space with great tension is like a "black hole" that has the power to attract and gather people.

Inside, Wei Wu created a new business form combining a restaurant with a bar to retain young consumers in a variety of ways. While the avant-garde and gorgeous detailed design attracts diners, the rough and simple space brings a familiar daily hustle and bustle life atmosphere. The authentic and refined taste integrated with the refreshed Peking opera has become the finishing touches that make people stay and impressive.

Dispelling the mist of Chengdu and looking inward - above the lush plains, the city’s vitality is like a thundering tide upon the shore. Only the hustle and bustle of the city life or the unchanging fashion can not satisfy the imagination of life for people there, only the rough refinement and fashionable plainness can impress the diners.

As a result, Wan Wea Restaurant has diversified tastes.


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