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Fan Workshop Beijing by Golucci Interior Architects

Golucci Interior Architects has completed a fan workshop and retail space on Qianmen street in Beijing. Aiming to promote Chinese fan culture, the two-story space is designed to be simple, elegant and practical, just like a fan.

Photographed by Lulu Xi

Qianmen street is known as one of the oldest hutong areas in Beijing and tourists from all over the world flock here. In recent years, it has been transformed into a commercial district that blends old and new. This fan workshop designed by Golucci marks just one of these recent interventions that fuse past and present.

Handheld fans are an ancient invention attributed to both china and japan and it is said that both cultures were inspired by one another. This idea of cultural exchange provides the design concept for the workshop space. Therefore, Golucci implanted Japanese-style lines into the old Chinese building to create the main visual concept that runs throughout the interior, upstairs and downstairs.

The other parts of the interior return to functionality. The terrazzo floor tiles are matched with white latex paint, interspersed with practical tool and material cabinets that strive to echo the simple yet practical essence of the fan. The program is split over two levels. On the first floor, there is a small sales area while the second floor is home to the workshop itself, which also includes a space for the public to learn how to make the elegant handheld fans.


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