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Estudio Glik de Interiores | Meu Momento

São Paulo, 2022 – The residents of the 260m² apartment, located in Campo Belo, São Paulo, had already lived in the apartment for some time and adapted it to their needs, until they decided to leave it as they had always dreamed of! To make the dream of the couple with three children come true, the interior designer Daniela Berland Cianciaruso, who runs the office Estudio Glik de Interiores, revised and brought a contemporary, fluid concept with touches of color to the property, leaving the new layout functional and with a lot of personality.


Photographer: Marco Antônio Fotos

The property's contemporaneity reflects the desire of the couple, who wanted to imprint minimalism on a broad concept and add colors in details, which brought joy, life and freshness to the project. With an impressive floor plan, the layouts of the spaces have been revamped, facilitating transitions between them and giving the feeling of even greater amplitude, such as the living room whose floor was leveled with that of the veranda and, thus, integrated.

The designer used freijó wood abundantly, both to divide the spaces into sectors and to bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The natural elements present in the composition of the spaces are complemented by the furniture, such as the single shelf integrated and aligned with the entire room, unifying the bar, TV, a space that houses the hall and, in its continuation, a space with a closet – all of this in a linear line that takes advantage of all the space in the room in a functional way -. To bring lightness, sophistication and biophilia to the main spaces, elements were used such as a rug with natural weaves and a 4.20m green sofa that encompasses the entire shelf.

Wood is even present in the kitchen, adorning some of the clients objects. The idea was to bring visual balance in an unusual way to present the spaces and expose the customers' pieces.

Another wish of the couple was to have a home office space, which would serve as support on work days at home. The environment was installed in the couple's suite and planned and executed in a way that would not interfere with each other's routine. In order to maintain the space and privacy of each one, in case one was working and the other sleeping, the spaces were sectored with a large wooden panel and a window between them, covered with natural straw to allow the entry of light. On one side of the office, the straw became a window, while on the suite side it ended up becoming a detail on the panel. There is also a glass and curtain between rooms to prevent the passage of sound and light when not desired.

For the arrival of the third child, the solution found was to unite two children in a single room. To keep each one's spaces in a single environment, niches were installed behind the beds and in the drawers underneath them.


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