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Estúdio Glik de Interiores | Natural Vibrations

São Paulo, 2023 – With a proposal for the integration of environments, the apartment of 140m², located in the village mariana, in São Paulo, was born from the desire of the client to move to a larger, cozy and modern apartment. The environments of the kitchen, balcony and barbecue were rethought from a functional integration project presented by interior designer Daniela Berland Cianciaruso, responsible for The Glik Interiors Studio.


Photographer: Manuel Sá

In the kitchen, the idea was to keep it integrated with the other environments of the house, but that it was also possible to close it when necessary. For this, a large wooden panel was used that mimetizes the passages for kitchen and toilet.

The use of all spaces was essential to value each environment. Overlooking a square, the premise was to integrate the external elements in the internal area of the apartment, taking advantage of the lighting and natural ventilation.

One of the main materials used in the renovation of the apartment was wood, in addition to the use on the living room panel, the office opted for the wood laqueado on the wall of the headboard and desk of the master suite. Another predominant material in the project is porcelain tiles that refers to the Italian terazzo, used in the kitchen and barbecue.

One of the challenges of the office was to organize the living room and kitchen environments, because the square room with the kitchen on one side compromised the layout solutions. The solution was to opt for a central sofa, instead of the traditional sofa leaning against one of the walls.

Other design and functionality solutions were thought of on the balcony table that was designed especially for the project, in which the porcelain tile used in the environment was repeated at one end to facilitate the dynamics of the barbecue..

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