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Endlessness by Hu Quanchun: Public Art Work for Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of BFSU

The public art work "Endlessness" is created for celebrating the 80th anniversary of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), set on the central square in the West Campus of BFSU. Over the past eight decades, BFSU has cultivated a large number of excellent foreign affairs-related talents, including more than 400 ambassadors, and over 2,000 counselors, etc., hence winning the reputation of "the cradle of diplomatists of the PRC". The design concept of this work is inspired by BFSU's mission and spirit - communication, exchange and connection, which are interpreted by the visual and spatial expressions of the installation's form.


Client: Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

Designer: Hu Quanchun / Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts / Field Conforming Studio

Photographer: Jin Weiqi