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EMBER, Shenzhen | A Restaurant Secluded in Bustling Downtown Area by Nature Times Art Design

Charcoal grille wagyu represents the essence of Japanese traditional cuisine and incorporates aspects of Korean, American, and other cultures' new styles of modern cuisine. Japanese barbeque (yakiniku) master Kentaro Nakahara perfects his craft in Tokyo, and has created his own exclusive menu of omakase yakiniku dishes that has been praised as the "Hermès of the barbeque world".


Client: EMBER, Shenzhen

Designer: Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd.

Photographer: HereSpace

This project is his third restaurant globally that features this particular menu. Located in Shenzhen's central business district, it promotes the values of exquisite cuisine and the master chef's craftsmanship. Based on the deep understanding of the brand's essence, the design team conceived the restaurant in exactly the right way, with the expectation of conveying its modern Eastern spirit that exemplifies its presence in a globalized era.