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Dishao Optical by Onexn Architects

Located in The Mixc World, Shenzhen, the project is a new store that Onexn Architects designed for Dishao Optical, which supplies handmade eyeglasses from multiple Japanese brands. The client asked for a novel way of expressing a Zen atmosphere in the store, and an interpretation of Oriental philosophy in a contemporary context.


Client: Dishao Optical

Designer: Onexn Architectural & Spatial Design Office (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Photographer: Yanming Photo

"Each of us comes to the world with a pair of glasses, i.e. the innate cognition formed by family and educational background. As everyone wears different "glasses" (perspectives), the world we see is different. However, we humans are born with the wisdom to choose the "glasses" we wear, namely, the perspectives on things."

— Ding Xiaohui, Enlighten Education founder