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DFE Design丨Jia Hone · The Future Ark Sales Center Outlining contemporary art life with humanistic me

Neijiang, formerly known as Han'an in the old times, is now known as the Sweet City. The winding Tuojiang River flows through the city, nourishing the local people, and making Neijiang a modern waterfront city which is suitable for living and business.

Built against Tuojiang River, on the one hand, the Future Ark Sales Center refines Neijiang’s cultural and historical symbols from the time dimension to awaken the city’s unique cultural memory. On the other hand, from the commercial view of city renewal, it brings a new set of recognition for the people in Neijiang through its design methods, such as function activation, value reshaping, and promotion of humanities and arts, and also brings a new commercial growth mode.

Designed by DFE Design

Photographed by Ao Xiang