Dante's May Travel Fusion Restaurant by SALONE DEL SALON

The design of restaurant is based on the brand style "fusion" as its branding position,and the designer takes inspiration from Dante's Divine Comedy "PURGATORIO" to make a figurative expression in the space. To break the special order is a way to rebuild the original space, it is also a bold idea to fuse the experience of delicious food, expressions, fashion and art in one space.



Photographer: Ziyang Cui

Flame, triangle, red, rebirth and visual conflict are the key elements among the themes, moreover, the inner-architecture, plastic arts and lighting aesthetics are mainly included in the expression of the space. The concise installations show the lines, light and shadow dramatically to create a space within the social attributes and cultural core. Even you are in the restaurant, you will feel that you are on traveling now.

Eden · False and Real Scale

The gauze screen creates a mysterious mood to make you want to explore more about the space. When you go around the place, you can feel the mix and match of modern and classical tones of the brand.

Lighting Ring · Nirvana of Fire

"I looked through a round hole and saw something beautiful appearing in the firmament." The red atmosphere lamp is like a director of creating the environment. The interaction between the light and structure of geometry gives us a strong effect of vision.

The interlinked red halos look like the fire brings passion to the space, which also reminds us of the legend from western about the blood moon. The fusion of elements of east and west shows dramatic tension intensely.

The selection of materials and the expression of the design are reacted with each other, and the aesthetic of symmetry, triangular stable structure, and perspective relationship are completely captured by eyes.

Minimalist Order · Creation of All Tastes

The dining area is composed of the ritual pattern and minimalist order, and the semi-enclosed arc geometry gives birth to the interplay and rhythm of the special design. Finally, the wonderful view brings us a feeling that we are on the way of travel. At that moment, the gustatory and visual sense will take you have a ritual and cultural spatial pilgrimage.

In the space, the abstract art installation is inspired by the Divine Comedy. The golden structure of the dome expresses the intention of the whole space. Moreover, the lighting seems like have magic to make the scene of the unit space full of ritual sense.

Copper wood-textured surface creates a low-key luxury quality by the low saturation. The light arrangement is not only for the function, but also pointing to the release of sense of solemnity, and the "centripetal force" vision is also displayed by the composition.

Above the view of the order of objects' arrangement, the color is also a significant point to show the space specially, especially the textile of wallpaper brings vigorous vitality. The light and dark illusion reminds us of the philosophy of "touching the world with tasting". Every scene leads our body, taste buds, soul to have a wonderful experience in this space.

Sense of Atmosphere · Growth of Line

Straight lines and curves are full of the details in design, you can find them on the lights, the decorations and so on. The geometry shows the architectural structure in the space, like the triangles, they are the beauty of mechanics of reconstruction. This kind of composition of interior design creates the aesthetic form of the unique architectural style of the interior.

Inspiration and elements are continuously input from the Divine Comedy, expressing the conflict and progress of creating the structure with different construction in design. In different spatial experiences, the interlocking solemnness and aesthetics of geometric and rich emotion bring us progressive sensory experience and sublimating free imagination.

A New World · Geometry

The power of simplicity of design is a significant point to make the whole scene become vivid. The streamline of lighting, the artistic carve, hazy feeling of the gauze screen create a wonderful scene in the environment. The perceptual and rational expression, nothingness and logic, imagination and order are gathered in the atmosphere and mood by the design.

The light is changed by the time, it is also the core of growing of everything and the direction of the soul to pilgrimage. All of the elements of design echoes the "Dante Divine Comedy" step by step. Abstract art breaks through the boundaries of time and space to set for enduring spiritual home.

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