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Dahua 1935 Cotton Mill refurbishment

This sensitive refurbishment of an abandoned factory located in the heart of China’s ancient capital aims to keep the soul of the place.


Client: Xi’an Qujiang Daming Palace Investment Group

Designer: China Architecture Design Group Land-based Rationalism D.R.C

Photographer: Zhang Guang Yuan / Wang ke Yao / Aurelien Chen

Dahua Cotton mill used to be the most important factory in the city of Xi’an. Its construction began in 1935 and the production activity stopped in 2008. The factory went through most of the biggest historical events of Chinese history during the twentieth century and its walls are traces and witnesses of the past.

The mill is located in the heart of Chinese ancient capital, a few kilometers away from the ancient city walls and the old railway station. It faces the “Daming Palace Park”, which used t