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Da Dong Gastro Esthetics (Nanxincang) by AD ARCHITECTURE

Edmund Husserl holds that we have a pure imagination or an image of beauty, which is an ideal object of consciousness rather than a physical one.



Photographer: Ouyang Yun

Brands and suppliers: moorgen / YALI WOOD / Beijing HezhongYouye Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. / JINRAN

Phenomenological Aesthetics is an aesthetic school which is founded on Husserl's theory. It uses phenomenological methods to explain aesthetics. Phenomenology, as a philosophical school, which advocates "back to the things themselves", grasps the essence through intuition. The judgment of the existence of things is bracketed out, all that remains is consciousness, which is intentionality itself. After determining the concept of intentionality, the object is no longer a transcendent reality, but intentionally embedd