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Cozy brasserie Zoe by Bureau ARCHPOINT

Cozy brasserie Zoe with an emphasis on Belgian beer attracts guests with its European atmosphere and unusual eclectic design. Since the 19th century, brasseries have been a favorite place for poets, musicians and artists who were sitting there for hours. The architects of the Archpoint bureau preserved the creative atmosphere and tried to turn a small space in a historic building on Pokrovka into an attractive location for leisurely breakfasts and evenings over a beer.


Designer: Bureau ARCHPOINT

Photographer: Olga Melekestseva

The architects used the classic brasserie design techniques – bright accents, wood, tiles, vintage, soft fabric of the armchairs – but made them up-to-date. For example, modern minimalist lamps from &Tradition brand coexist with large stained glass chandeliers, the floral print on the wallpaper does not look outdated, and the wicker chairs, classic for European coffee shops and brasseries, are made according to modern patterns.