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Conceives an Exquisite Home Originated from Nature by The Deduction

Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties, has been a prosperous cultural hub in southern China since ancient times. Located in the Youth Olympic Games Area in downtown Nanjing, China Palace is a residential development that enjoys beautiful natural landscape and inherits a noble lifestyle. Design practice The Deduction transformed an apartment in the residential development. Through contemporary design interventions, the design team intended to reinterpret an ideal of pure, luxury and comfortable living, and to express the aesthetics of light and art.


Designer: The Deduction

Photographer: WM STUDIO

Based on the philosophy of "blending design and aesthetics into lifestyle", The Deduction incorporated French elegance into the space, and applied eclectic modern simplistic techniques to organize the layout and conceive the interior of this 230-square-meter single-floor luxury residence, with an aim to create a warm home that combines rationality and gentleness, simplicity and exquisiteness, openness and introvertedness.