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Cloud Art Museum by HLD Art & Design: "Art Spirit Church of a Community"

Injecting art spirit into community culture, community-based art museums will bring a new lifestyle.

Cloud Art Museum is situated within a residential community at the junction between Huizhou and Shenzhen. HLD Art & Design fully integrates the architectural space with art, starting a spiritual revolution of art and community lifestyle.


Client: Huizhou Rui Jin Feng Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Designer: HLD Art & Design

Photographer: Sean / Mao Yanjun / Zhou Zhendong / Xie Yujie

1. Art museum as the spiritual church of community

With rapid urbanization and the development of technology and art, material life has been enriched and lifestyle keeps evolving. Many property developers start to slow down the pace and shift the focus to community operation. The project is sited in Beyond The Valley, which is a comprehensive community located at the junction area between Shenzhen and Huizhou and enjoying beautiful natural landscapes.