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UrCove by Haytt is located in Changle, China, a town of sapphire, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Among these, the magnificent creature with full supply of entertainment leads everyone into an original, peaceful and timeless world.


Photographed by CHAMPARTE DESIGN

As a part of original Confucius Culture, the space makes designer to think in the same way. By using ancient artisanship, designer has access to capture the natural details and immerse them into every corner of design work. The main structure is symmetrical which follow the traditional aesthetics. Seal brown and iron gray are exquisitely selected, forming check shapes to spread welcome attitude. With natural light, it is suitable for friends to chat and enjoy the passing of time. Chinese believe things have two faces, therefore the transparency installations which come from the concept of Shi Hu Garden exist gleamingly, playing the role of virtual to contrast other actual parts.

With fan and wash painting’s help, the space is completed as a coherent story of Confucius Culture, of virtual and actual and of art and life.

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