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Cassina Showroom, Ningbo by OUTIN. DESIGN

Cassina represents not only the future of past, but also the future of future. As conceiving Cassina's showroom in Ningbo, OUTIN. DESIGN adopted unique deconstruction methods and spatial languages to tell the story of the brand that has never stopped making breakthroughs and evolving over its long history.


Client: The Life in the Future


Photographer: Wen Studio


Fashion pioneer

Cassina leads the design trend and is the barometer of the global furniture design. The brand boldly explores, experiments and innovates in design and materials and has created many classics. The avant-garde spirit it represents has long guided the progress of global furniture design. Its products not only contributed to the peak times of modern Italian furnishings, but also guided the direction of furniture design in the world.

The worldwide success of Cassina is also inseparable from the blessing of time. How to interpret Cassina's core values and the power of time posed a big challenge to OUTIN.DESIGN, as the team had to integrate and express the two themes in one architectural space.

By reinterpreting the brand identity and revealing the brand core, the design team intended to offer visitors an in-depth understanding of the brand and a chance to perceive its progress over time. As the space is endowed with profound meaning, the perception and value of the brand are enhanced. The design enables the brand to commun