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Casaamigos: New Project by Paco Lago Interioriza

How to make a restaurant with everything revolving around the bar? The owners of Casaamigos had in mind an open-concept restaurant, with the customer as the center of the experience and bringing the feeling of sharing a table in your own home.

Located in the heart of Malaga center, the place is located in one of the most traditional streets of the city. A multipurpose space in which there is room for everything from live music to a sponsored event or a wine tasting, becoming the meeting point for friends and good food, creating a close experience.

The business idea was a creative challenge: the place had to enhance the experience of the customer around the bar. To achieve this, we proposed different solutions that would move the diner through the social journey inside a house: dining room, living room, living room and even terrace, so that the whole had that homely and relaxed atmosphere that we were looking for.

We worked, from the very beginning, with organic materials: fabrics, exposed brick, ceramics, wood and a Mediterranean color palette giving that feeling of home, leaving aside the rigidity and conventions of a traditional restaurant.


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