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Carlo, the new stackable chair by Missana, a perfect harmony of straight and curved lines

The New Yorker studio “ Studioestudio” has designed Carlo for Missana, inspired by the “ Piazza d’Italia” one of Giorgio de Chirico’s most iconic paintings, in which architectural structures are juxtaposed within strong shadow light projection.

Designed by MISSANA

Photographed by Ángel Segura

Carlo is a chair in which the straight and curved lines show a perfect harmony to get a strong and plain item all in one. Its wooden structure makes the chair resistant and its design allows it to be stackable. The chair has a warm and perfect style suitable for contract and residential areas.

“We developed Carlo during our numerous trips between New York and Valencia Spain in which we tried to answer all the questions arising from the mere remarks while admiring “The Piazza d’Italia” painting” Laura Alandes and Pablo Alabau at Studioestudio can’t stop wondering:

“Whose is the shadow leaving the scene? Where is it going? What is it going to read? Where is it going to sit down?”

As Giorgio de Chirico expresses in his painting, Clap Studio has selected a timeless room, a calm and peaceful library to have Carlo displayed.


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