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Bureau ARCHPOINT | Ivanka, a Mediterranean Inspired Fish Restaurant

As an architect, I am excited to share details about the new Ivanka fish restaurant, a project that Archpoint Bureau had the privilege of designing. The restaurant is located on the fourth floor of the Neva Towers complex in Moscow, and it is the brainchild of Alexander Vorobyov, a renowned restaurateur with a penchant for gastronomic experiments.


Designer: Bureau ARCHPOINT

Photographer: Nikita Kryuchkov

Unlike Alexander's previous establishments, which were known for their dynamic show programs, Ivanka fish restaurant is a quality restaurant with a focus on culinary innovation. To match this unique concept, we wanted to create an interior design that was equally exceptional.

Inspired by the Mediterranean, we chose a creamy color palette that gives the impression of a tropical climate outside. The walls are heated to 50 degrees to further enhance this effect. As you explore the interior, you will notice the luxurious terrazzo tiles laid out in a special pattern, which remind you of a luxury Hermes boutique.

Despite the opulence, the interior is unpretentious and calming. The designer art objects that recall the restaurant's nautical theme add a touch of playfulness. At the entrance, guests are greeted by a large glacier with seafood made of plaster blocks, an installation in the shape of a large oyster shell at the bar counter, and a large 3D printed sea knot hanging from the ceiling. The entire decor was discovered by the architects and embodied in art workshops.

Details matter, and we made sure that every aspect of the interior was carefully thought out. For example, the terrazzo floors are made with a weave effect, reminiscent of the French fashion house. Expensive and unique marble was used to create the long bar counter, fireplace, and sink in the bathroom. Plaster on the walls is interspersed with warm honey-colored anigre veneer panels.

All the furniture, including the soft chairs, tables, and reception desk, were made according to the architects' sketches. The tables are covered with snow-white tablecloths served with author's ceramics. Cloud lamps made of non-woven textiles from Molo Design float under the ceiling.

The bathrooms in the restaurant were designed by the architects as selfie zones. Marble sinks, semicircular arched mirrors, and huge lotus petals painted in the background provide a beautiful backdrop for photos.

As summer approaches, the restaurant terrace will open, offering guests a chance to enjoy the seafood in the fresh air. Regardless of the season, Ivanka fish restaurant is the perfect place to relax, indulge in the best seafood dishes, and appreciate the beautiful interior design.

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