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Bureau ARCHPOINT | Blue Cat

The fashionable Blue Cat coffee shop on Dostyk Avenue in the southern capital of Kazakhstan has already become a favorite place for many Almaty residents and guests of the city, not only due to the delicious freshly brewed coffee and unusual desserts, but also due to the bright interior, thought out by Archpoint architects.


Designer: Bureau ARCHPOINT

Photographer: Olga Melekestseva

And it is no coincidence, because natural motifs in the interior of the coffee shop make it possible to escape from the familiar environment and take a break from the urban landscape, and the exquisite designer details are so inspiring.

At the entrance to the coffee shop, guests are greeted by a large sculpture of a blue cat, paying tribute to the name of the place. The blue theme continues in the design: the interior is diluted with blue accents in the form of small graceful blue cat sculptures, furniture and blue glass water bottles on each table.

Natural motifs triumph in the interior: natural wood, clay, concrete, matte surfaces and warm shades in sand, beige and light gray color. Blue color adds depth and contrast. Clay handmade shelves, which decorate several columns, seem to be carved from rock. Pendant lamps and large floor lamps also seem to be made of clay. The floor, walls and ceiling are made of concrete, as are the tall floor standing vases. This naturalness refers to African minimalist interiors with rough textures, simple lines and warm colors.

Almost all the furniture in the coffee shop is custom-made according to the drawings of the architects: wooden tables of various shapes and sizes, chairs, large wooden sofas with a special cut to hang bags. The craftsman's hand is especially noticeable in the large oak community table with unusual joints of the legs to the table top and either stone or bone chairs of an unusual shape around it. Also, minimalist wooden chairs from the Czech factory Ton harmoniously fit into the interior.