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Brises and Metallic Structure stand out in the New Education Project signed by KRUCHIN ARQUITETURA

Kruchin Arquitetura office is responsible for the design of the new building of the UDF University Center, in Brasília (Brazil). The new volume, an extension of the university's facilities, adds 5,000 m2 in built area consisting of classrooms and a food court, and another 5,000 m2 in parking area and stands out in the landscape through the windshields.

Photographed by Daniel Ducci e Joana França 

The building is all industrialized, assembled in a metallic structure, slabs in steel deck, fences in a stone concrete plate surrounded by a metallic brise designed especially for the building and which defines its image.

“A plastic plan marks the building's image, a plan that is also a brise whose structure and closings defines a compositional field of lines and volumes and colors in motion that involve the entire building”, says Samuel Kruchin, the architect who leds Kruchin Arquitetura.

One of the challenges was to promote integration with the previous building - core of the educational complex with central auditorium and side squares -, defining a volume that is both connected and independent.

If the previous phase defined a centrality for the whole set from vertical axes that reach the entire upper volume, this new module is articulated through horizontal axes at all levels of the set, starting from that center and expanding the cohesion of the architectural set.

“The continuity and coherence with the technical and formal solutions developed for the first phase, which also mark this project, have as a principle to reconstruct a unitary image, a formal identity, which makes the work recognizable in the local landscape due to its architectural, tonic singularity of a more general identity and that distinguishes the primacy of architecture in Brasília ”, completes Kruchin.

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