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BLVD International | Hero Office Club

The music in Jinguan City (Chengdu) was soft and melodious, half drifted away with the river wind, and half drifted into the clouds. Chengdu is known as the land of abundance and the capital of the highest kindness. The 3000-year history has precipitated a unique Bashu culture, which is prosperous and orderly, leisurely and progressive.


Client: Hero Holding

Designer: BLVD International

Three or five friends gather in the warm sun, with lingering tea fragrance. Bamboo weaving, Sichuan Opera, walking pet bird... the leisurely and elegant culture and art are permeating in daily life.

Gathering all kinds of splendid prosperities of the city, Hero Office Club is located in Chengdu Vanke Building, opposite the Tianfu Panda Tower, the tallest building in the west. Adhering to the gene of innovation, the space takes the unique "cozy" life aesthetics as the soul, and builds an elegant and interesting place that integrates humanities and art, and reflects technology and creativity.

The riches and splendour of Bashu Culture

A cup of covered bowl tea witnesses numerous stories of Chengdu. The reception area of the club begins with the tea culture of old Chengdu. The tone of leisure and ease continue the spirit of the tea ceremony of old Chengdu, which is inclusive and harmonious.

The custom tall cabinet is inspired by bamboo, and the orange lacquered wood forms a sharp contrast with the black oak, enriching the dramatic expression of the space. The unique bamboo texture wallpaper is simple and natural.