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ATMOSPHERE Architects | hug City Flagship Store

In the face of rapid changes, all kinds of similar content quickly filled our lives through social media channels. In this phenomenon, hug, as a person who had a vanguard view and gradually stabilized the core attitude, hoped more that with the help of the clothing space, she could communicate with the outside world about the brand attitude, and create a real effect, and improve the modern city's fragments of life, so that people could calmly express their own quiet corners, return to the field of physical and mental peace, and regain rational thinking, In this way, they could strengthen the mutual trust between the shop itself and its customers and complete the evolution of their brand.


Designer: ATMOSPHERE Architects

Photographer: Here Space / Chuan He

For this purpose, the hug 3.0 was located in the core commercial area of the city, extracting the pure and gentle atmosphere derived from the nature, which was in accordance with the current situation. Through the consideration of color combination, the selection of materials like concrete, reinforcement, and the layout of curved points, the natural feeling was connected with the city's atmosphere. He hoped that this space could give this lively city a different sense of ease and ease, Every passer-by here could feel the natural healing of human beings through the hug's window, so as to complete the presentation of the design theme of the city valley.