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ARCHPOINT bureau | The new central office of GloraX

The new central office of GloraX, located in a historic building on Nevsky Prospect, is the company's key space for meeting with clients and solving work challenges. The developers entrusted the Archpoint bureau with design of a new space - its creation from scratch, in fact. The architects faced with the task of creating an innovative, technological (while also being cosy and spacious) interior, that would combine Japanese minimalism and homely atmosphere. The architects kept in mind the main request – their task was to show that GloraX is a company that takes its job seriously and at the same time pays attention to the future, in some ways being far ahead of its time. The concept that was eventually developed was able to reflect both aspects.


Client: GloraX Designer: ARCHPOINT Bureau

Photographer: Olga Melekestseva

One of the main ideas of the project was to create a sensation among potential customers of not just coming to an ordinary office, but finding themselves in a modern, expensive and comfortable apartment with sophisticated interior. The kind that clients can buy from GloraX and the kind they wouldn’t want to leave, a space whe