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The idea of improving different environments guided the design of Rua 141 at SM Apartment, in São Paulo (Brazil). The 180m2 apartment, which had underused spaces, is the home of a couple who likes to have friends over.


Photographer: Julia Ribeiro

Green walls have been created and have become the protagonists of the terrace. Each one has an independent automated irrigation system. The cumaru wooden deck designs the floor, the landscaping has brought nature closer and

the two large curved benches warmly welcome people. Different materials and textures have been explored, such as metal and stone, in the terrace shelves.

The main challenge was about the layout of the terrace, which is curved. “We took advantage of this geometry and designed the benches following the terrace shape. The largest bench is 4m long made in natural freijó wood, accompanied by handmade cushions and blankets. For both terraces, we have created the same style so that it looks like a single environment, avoiding ragmented spaces” according to Mona Singal.

The barbeque space, which was rarely used, now has got new meaning. We have created a bookcase with niches that received Brazilian design pieces. This space invites visitors to relax in the terrace near nature.

The toilet has got more personality with an industrial style, using burned cement on the walls and black fixtures. The highlight is the Ostra wall light by 80e8 Design, made exclusively for Itens store.

“Ostra wall light has brought a little poetry to the toilet, which has a thin and delicate metallic shell, and allows the opening and closing movement as if to protect the inner pearl represented by the globe of light”, completes the architect.

For the master suite, a neutral palette was chosen to bring coziness. The headboard upholstered in suede, the knitted cushions and master knitted

blanket, the built‐in bed side tables in wood has brought texture and sophistication to the environment. The room has got personality with Brazilian design pieces, the photograph above the headboard is almost a window to nature, and the table lamp, Balancinha, designed by Tiago Curioni, has provided light and movement.

In the master bathroom, natural materials were used to bring texture and freshness, such as hijau volcanic stone on the shower area walls and in the wall to wall niche, and freijó wood in the cabinet.

Rua 141 arquitetura by architect Mona Singal has already done the renovation in the apartment of the young couple in their 35 in São Paulo city in 2020. This time the scope was the room for the baby on the way, as soon as they found out his sex.

The main challenge was to develop the renovation in a short time and without changing the existing architecture.

The wainscot around the perimeter of the room was proposed in order to make all the possible changes in the electrical points without interfering

with the walls. The celling was done to make the room cosier and to have more flexibility whith the lighting points, once it was not possible to

modify the wood floor that has been already restored. The structural closet was kept but the external finishings were changed, the sliding doors received natural straw and fresh green color.

The lighting was planned to follow the routine of the different moments of the baby ́s day. Dim lighting was installed along the wainscot and in the central light fixture, so the intensity of the light could be controled. The table light in the shape of bird house beside the nursing armchair brings

charm for this special moment.

Due to the size of the room the bed was specially tailored with big drawers under it. It was made of Jetiquibá wood the same one used in the cradle

and the baby changing dresser.

Biophilia is the main theme and it is present in the watercolor nature wallpaper, which provides emocional comfort and well being. Ludic elements such as the kite are in the project to help kid development.


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