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São Paulo, 2022 - A 200 m² apartment located in the city of São Paulo received a new project signed by Estúdio Marion, led by the architects Melina Moraes and Iraima Castro.


Designer: Estúdio Marion

Photographer: Manu Oristanio

Brands: Dpot Objeto / Érea / Etel / Botteh

In addition to a large and inviting social area, the residents – a couple with a small child and plans for a second child – wanted a playroom and an environment for informal meals, which should be comfortable and not just take advantage of small excess spaces. The apartment had two terraces in the social area, which were closed off with glazing, as there was no demand from customers to keep them as outdoor areas.

With the removal of the window frames from the living room and the closing of the couple's closet frame, one of the terraces was integrated into the living room, making it possible to increase the number of cabinets in the environment. A part of the new internal space received the playroom, which can be completely isolated or integrated into the social area through a sliding door and a gas fireplace.

According to the architects, one of the main challenges of the project was the low ceiling height of the apartment, which was solved with the removal of the original lining by perimeter plaster moldings, used to embed some lighting points, speakers, and the passage of the others necessary infrastructure (air conditioning, automation, etc.).

The social hall, which distributes the circulation, was demarcated as the project's focal point, receiving doors and MDF panels in natural Ash Platino wood veneer gray-brown coating. Fixed furniture, doors, and panels were finished in white and gray satin lacquer, creating a neutral base for furniture of national design in natural woods and textured fabrics with warmer tones, which warm the space and provide a more cozy atmosphere.

The toy library has a more playful shelf of niches in the same color as the social hall blade. The proposal is to create visual unity.

The terrace received enameled ceramics on the walls, breaking the seriousness of the white Piguese marble on the floor and guaranteeing the relaxed atmosphere that the family wanted.

The couple’s bedroom has a headboard covered in natural walnut veneer and upholstered in leather. The desktop, also in walnut, has a built-in dressing table and wallpaper-covered back panel.

The couple's bathroom and the social area received Pigueês white marble and cabinets covered in the beveled mirror, which provided elegance and personality to the space. On the other hand, the children's bathrooms had a white Silestone top with walls and floors covered in Jatobá ceramic tiles. The entire bottom of the intimate areas was covered in cumarú planks.


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