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ANBONG HOME is a showroom for Italian paint brand TULLIO, situated within a building materials mall in Shantou, China. It's next to the secondary entrance of the mall. The design of its surrounding stores features many common elements such as signboard, stainless steel, marble and glass, and shows an old-fashioned style and strong commercial atmosphere.


Photographed by Ouyang Yun

Before the launch of the project, the client was hesitating about renting the site, which is a shop space shared by two tenants. The half space available for the client is at the more inner area, which offers poor visibility. This posed a great challenge to the design - that's why the client wavered over whether to rent the space or not. For the design team, the challenge was to figure out how to break the restrictions of the original space and attract customers.

To tackle with the unfavorable position, the client communicated with the other tenant, who finally gave in and leaved an area, which opens up the view to the inner showroom. AD ARCHITECTURE adopted pink structures in this area, to produce strong visual effects and attract sight lines of customers.