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ANANTA JEWELRY by IF (Integrated Field)

With its recognized status as a leading jewelry and diamond brand, ANANTA JEWELRY takes a monumental step in its three-decade-long history with the decision to redesign the business's identity and retail space. Transitioning from a fine jewelry business to a lifestyle jewelry brand, ANANTA has brought diversity to its products to encompass a comprehensive range of demands, catering to clients of all age groups, tastes, behaviors, and budgets. More importantly, the new brand identity aims to introduce a new perception and value to make the diamond and colored gemstone jewelry more accessible, something wearable, and a part of everyone’s memorable moments in life, while maintaining the brand’s superlative standard.

Photographed by Ketsiree Wongwan

For this rebranding, IF is in charge of the interior design and environmental graphic, which are all based on the conceptualized definition of the name ‘ANANTA’ and its meaning ‘eternity’ in the Sanskrit language. There is a relativeness between the name’s literal denotation and the intertwined lines of the brand’s infinity logo. IF develops the interior floor plan from the symbol’s distinctive curved lines, delivering the space’s continual flow, including the folded and deviated curved walls that determine the shop's functionally derived corners.

The design divides the interior into three sections. The ‘Lifestyle’ portion of the floor plan takes up approximately 70% of the space. To showcase the brand’s lifestyle jewelry line, IF combines luxury to the upbeat spirit and playful gimmicks, causing the area to look less intimidating and more accessible. The owner can adjust the decoration to keep the space and user experience fresh and exciting. Included in the same zone is the ‘Men’s’ section displaying pieces designed for male users. The area’s decoration embraces simplicity by using materials in darker colors such as black, navy blue, with white adding a beautiful contrast to the overall mood and tone. ‘Moment,’ the zone for lifestyle jewelry products of customized styles and prices, is designed to embody both the fun and elegant sentiment. The last area, ‘Bridal,’ focuses on wedding rings and conveys feminism and the dreamy, vivacious female spirit. The design of the ‘High Jewelry’ zone featuring products from which the ANANTA brand is originated is still quintessentially sophisticated but friendlier and warmer.

The interior space and environmental graphic design use the color tone that corresponds with the brand’s original and new corporate colors. From the front, the shop’s overall mood looks livelier thanks to the presence of blue and navy blue. Brown, which is the brand’s original corporate color, is used together with white with other decorative elements such as the furniture.

To create a more accessible image for the brand, the design team utilizes colors and materials that set ANANTA apart from other similar establishments. The raw yet smooth wall surface makes the space look less formal, while the new planning changes the program that used to be enclosed with doors into an open plan without any glass walls as the partition. Such openness contributes to ANANTA’s more welcoming, accessible, and friendlier retail space and brand image.


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