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AM2 Arquitetura develops residential project with application of industrial techniques and materials

The 500 m² area was the scenario for the project located atCondominiumParque das Artes, in Embu das Artes(São Paulo, Brazil). AM2 Arquitetura sought to demystify that industrial and apparent materials cannot become sophisticated and endowed with extreme comfort when applied to residential projects.

Designed by AM2 Arquitetura

Photographed by Alexandre Takashi Hiratsuka

The house was built on a sloping terrain, overlooking the dense local vegetation, and has a program that prioritizes the family's leisure space. On the lower level, imperceptible from the facade, are integrated the barbecue room, music studio, workshop, and laundry room.

The main facade of the residence receives a large glass skin, in a contemporary aesthetic evidenced by the exposed corten steel structure, which also extends to other internal spaces of the project. On the ground level, the large living room with high ceilings is integrated to the kitchen and to the outdoor terrace. In the same area, an office allows for a home office with a view of the native forest.

The upper floor is reserved for the private areas of the residence. This is where one of the project's strong elements is located: a walkway that crosses the entire room.

The option for industrialized materials and ready-made parts, such as the steel deck slab, the metallicpillarsand beams, contributed to the aesthetic harmony of the whole project. Besides, the chosen materials resulted in a fast and clean construction work.

"This project shows that constructive elements like the metallic structure are not restricted to industrial warehouses, but are elements that, besides the enormous structural possibilities, are great allies in a differentiated aesthetic and good taste" says AlessandroMalara,architectand partner of AM2 Arquitetura.

Regarding the sustainable practices, besides the use of fast materials that generate little waste, the residence has cisterns for capturing rainwater and a solar heating system through photovoltaic cells installed on its roof.


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