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ALMA Hair Spa Salon by Egue y Seta

Aura, spirit, character or personality. This is THE place to be if you want to pamper everything that is unique and intangible in you, while putting (your hair and)your head in the kindest and most experienced hands. Its creator has named it Alma (soul), and this premium new hairdressing concept is all about wellbeing, caring, comfort and health as the fundamental basis of appearance. To host this “alma” and keeping in mind the same brand values, we have designed this sensuous, suggestive and ethereal space that ends up being a “wellness treatment” on its own. An atmosphere of deem lights, kind textures and sinuous curves that manages to add up to this wholistic beauty experience and reflecting the purity of your soul. ¿Fancy being taken care of? Don’t wait any longer! On the meantime, click and step in Alma with us

Designed by Egue y Seta

Photographed by VICUGO FOTO

The purest souls end up ascending to heaven (or so they say), but we rather attend them long before all that happens. Perhaps that's why, as soon as we enter this new hair spa concept, our eyes will tend to go upwards, in order to admire a translucent and backlit half-vault ceiling that completes itself after its own reflection. Beneath it, a multipurpose, diagnose, waiting and reception area that functions, at the same time, as a deep and inhabitable window shop, set over a wood-effect ceramic floor, between mirror cladded arches and dressed up by a set of custom-made furniture with rounded design lines that combines the smooth texture of ribbed lacquered door fronts, natural oak and gold accents. With this "cover", Alma opens itself up entirely and from the very first moment to the visitors, and displays, through its repertoire of shapes and finishes, a wide range of visual, auditory and tactile sensations to caress what is on, inside and below the head. Alma is all about reflection and light, but also, seclusion and gloom. Alma is sleekness and warmth; curvature and angle; and it is also, concave and convex. All souls fit within Alma.

Passing through the generous arches, highlighted in black, we enter the dressing room, where the technical armchairs, covered in cognac leather, face a battery of round backlit mirrors that are offered as windows where you can look at the landscape of the self in the process of improvement. To crown the perspective and break the circular alliteration, minimal, linear and backlit dressers and shelves are arranged so to bathe the surrounding walls in light while the metal planters pour down their greenery, here and there, from time to time. Through the side mirrors, facing each other at each end, this set is repeated and projected to infinity.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for change in "tone", you need move on to the "colour bar". Here, as in the case of "show cooking" or "open labs" the chromatic alchemy that ends up lighting up our hair, our eyes (and in the best of cases, our minds) happens right before your eyes. The open laboratory unfolds over a piece of barely veined Calacatta marble, which also works as a hinge between a low cabinet with oak fronts and a black, lattice cabinet that stores and displays the hair colouring products. On the opposite wall, a lush garden of illusory depth, frames a floating wall on which the corporate symbol is cut out under a beam of light, focused, warm, powerful and dim at the same time. For its part, and walking through the centre of the room, between an exposed recovered brick wall and another with a concrete effect, we find colour treatment stations that avoid reflecting intermediate moments of the processor an unfinished version of our look. Here, tabloid magazines will probably be replaced by a glass of mimosa or a cup of tea, and for the busier type, by a bite between emails or work meetings.

But let's not get overwhelmed so soon. If you need to fully disconnect, to relax to a levitation level, you need to step in the Hair Spa. At the back of the premises and enjoying its full original height(4.70cm),we find a "chapel" to venerate the gods of water, shampoo and hair. Here, the exposed brick walls rise up to grace the original, restored Catalan vaulted ceiling, but first, they unload part of their visual weight on a row of false flying buttresses that link them back to the ground. Over these, a colourful in direct lighting system has been installed in order to emphasizes height, echoes and everything that floats and can't be seen. Below them, a linear garden poses a green waterfall over the spotlight lit sinks, where clients, comfortably reclined, allow themselves to be "reset" at the temples with blessed circular motions by the most expert fingers in capillary massage and the exorcism.

And while we talk about sacred topics... Trendsetters and Influencers tell us that glowing nimbus are definitely out of date. The new "divinity" is more about wearing shiny and eternal manes.... If you want yours, stop by Alma Hair Spa and get to know us from within.


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