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Masquespacio presents its first collaboration with French retailer Monoprix, a collection that consists in more than 50 items, including design objects, art and fashion.


Client: Monoprix

Designer: Mas Creations collection by Masquespacio

Photographer: Luis Beltran / Monoprix

To be highlighted first is that the project is developed below the name Mas Creations, Masquespacio’s brand through which it designs independent interiors and products with a clear focus on their universe of colors, materials, forms and textures. Thus, the project designed for Monoprix that will be launched in its stores the 15nd of March is inspired by Spring, as the perfect moment for a brunch surrounded by joyful colors and forms.

When Monoprix contacted Masquespacio with the aim to design a collection for them with a Spring launch, the studio immediately started to think about the theme that could be the connection point between the different objects. Being Paris, the city where Monoprix has its main office, Masquespacio’s creative director Ana Hernández reflected about the concept of a Parisian brunch on their wonderful terraces when the good weather and the flowers appear. From this point Masquespacio created a collection of more than 50 pieces that starts with the idea of a table at which you take a brunch, where all objects connect together from the furniture and table wear amongst others till the fashion items the guests are wearing to be one with the environment of the event.

The world of Mas Creations designed by Ana Hernández for Monoprix in this case idealizes the perfect scene for a brunch in Paris. For this she designed a collection that takes its inspiration from nature and the Spring time, full of organic forms and light colors that in some cases create a contrast between pastels and fluors, while also sometimes just one color is used. Even then, the collection that contains everything you need for your perfect brunch table from vases, table ware and tablecloths till its furniture, carpet and chairs, also includes fashion items that represents Ana’s vision on the perfect brunch scene.

In summary, the collection of more than 50 items includes design objects, art and fashion that recreate a joyful and fun scene for your perfect Spring brunch.


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