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A playful bench called Worm for Missana designed by Clap studio

The Valencian designers, Clap Studio, develop the first modular system for Missana, the Worm bench. Inspired by the shape of millipede worms, Clap Studio creates an amusing bench playing simultaneously with shapes and colours being able to evolve and change according to the needs of each space.



Designer: Clap Studio

Photographer: Ángel Segura

Brands and suppliers: Enresto Sampons

Today, there is a need to create spaces adaptable to all types of projects whether contract, hospitality or residential. Concerned and aware of this need, Clap Studio designs a functional bench with just three modules suitable for any room and atmosphere.

“We got the inspiration when we remembered exploring as children the so funny and round shape of millipede worms. The idea of designing the first system for Missana came up suddenly as being fascinated by the shape of these worms and by the way they are able to bend and scroll in that stylish technique.” Jordi Iranzo at Clap Studio tells us.

The Worm bench is made of just three modules: the end module, the straight module and the curved module 22,5º. We can set up endless combinations by playing with size, shape and colour. Each module has two different parts, a round upholstered seat and a metal structure with numerous legs in order to simulate those of the millipede worm.


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