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A Living Theatre Mount by Wutopia Lab

An ideal mountain to commemorate ordinary life in the city

Where did the moments I lived go.

— Fernando Pessoa


Designer: Wutopia Lab

Photographer: Liang Junhao

A Living Theatre Mount, the demonstration area of Vanke Cloud Valley project designed by Wutopia Lab for Xuzhou Vanke, will be completed, and opened by New Year's Day 2022.


I do not have the strength to be a trash can, nor am I qualified to be a wish box, I just want to be an ordinary person, to be comforted and loved by others.

— Honoré de Balzac

When I received the call inviting me to design, I was in the mountains on a land grant. In the intermittent signals I learned that the land was on the border between the old and new city in a northernmost city of Jiangsu. The client hoped that I could create a different kind of demonstration center at the narrow junction.